BOOMERANG – Healthier bio-fortified Mediterranean grains

The main objective is to improve the quality of Mediterranean grains by means of different biofortification to obtain micronutrient dense grains. These biofortified grains will improve the nutrition status of the consum-ers, while allowing the producers to offer a more valuable product. On one hand, there is the already known concept ?from soil to seed? that in our proposal will be focused on the selection of most promising landraces from the local repertoire of variability and to assay the effect of agronomi-cal techniques on the Se, Fe and Zn content of the cereals obtained. Foliar fertilisation can be an approach to increase mineral content more efficient than soil fertilisation, and this is especially relevant for a relatively scarce element as Se. On the other hand, we know the changes produced during seed germination causes changes on malted cereals. Vitamin content can increase, and mineral content can be modified by changing the composi-tion of the stepping water without losing the added minerals to the drain

Deadline 2021


Institute ISAFOM – Institute for agricultural and forest systems in the Mediterranean

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