Progetto Sanità Italia-Ciad: Formazione e Innovazione Tecnologica (PSIC-FIT)

The focus of this initiative is placed on the improvement of the health system of Chad through i) medical and specialist training and establishment of specialist hospital services based on modern technological platforms; ii) infrastructural interventions for the creation of new specialist hospital services. At the same time, the initiative aims to limit the “brain drain” of Chadian doctors and introduce organizational methods into the local (and Central African) health system to develop partnerships: – Local partnerships between the two Faculties of Medicine in Chad to which the National Reference University Hospital (CHU-RN) and the Bon Samaritain University Hospital Complex (CHU-BS). – Regional North-South-South cooperation with other countries of the region (mainly Cameroon) and the involvement of new graduates in innovative start-ups. ISB-CNR,as partner of the initiative, will be responsible of research on medicinal plants and creation of support start-ups. The goal is to enhance research on medicinal plants, and ensure future quality and sustainability through the development of 1 specific start-up in the traditional pharmacopoeia and nutraceutical sector, integrated into the Center Nutrition recently activated in the CHU-BS by the Italian cooperation agency.

Deadline 27/09/2025

Category Agenzia Italiana Cooperazione Sviluppo (MAE)

Institute ISB – Institute for Biological Systems

Contact Giulia Cappelli

Role Coordinator