BIOMEnext Modelling integrated biodiversity-based next-generation Mediterranean farming systems

The BIOMEnext overall objective is to implement innovative, composite and
eco-friendly farming systems to enhance the resilience of Mediterranean fruit farming
to climate change, a significant challenge for agriculture.
The project aims to design an olive grove that combines, in a holistic logic, the valor-
ization of traditional genotypes showing the best resilience traits, the development
of new microorganism consortia, able to increase biotic and environmental stress tol-
erance and the introduction of new practices and remodel the traditional ones, to re-
duce external inputs and negative discharges to the environment. The proposed new
olive growing models will aim to maintain high quantitative and qualitative production
levels, even in limiting environmental contexts, in a logic of increased sustainability.
These models will be evaluated under a circular economy and an LCA approach for
socio-economic and ecological impact. The models developed in the project can be
replicated, with appropriate adaptations, to other Mediterranean fruit species.

Deadline 2022/2025


Institute IBBR – Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources

Contact Luciana Baldoni