Partenariati comunali per l’emergenza epidemiologica COVID-19”

The project is structured to contribute to the General Objectives of the AICS Call for proposal “Promotion of Territorial Partnerships and implementation of the 2030 Agenda The territorial partnership in addition to the Municipality of Vasanello and the Province of Viterbo, is made up of a rich network of universities, civil society organizations and private companies, both Italian and Cameroonian, and the six Cameroon municipalities of the Menoua Department that will be the counterpart of the project, The overall objective is “contribute to increasing the effectiveness of territorial intervention (local authorities) in response to health and epidemiological emergencies with particular reference to the COVID-19 epidemic”.. The target group of the project are the operators of the 6 Municipalities and the Menoua Department, the entire population of the municipalities, the operators of hospitals and municipal health centers, the students of the University of Medicine, civil society organizations. The beneficiaries of the initiative are: Direct beneficiaries: – 20 operators from the 6 Municipalities of the Menoua Department; – 80 students and 40 laboratory workers from the hospitals and clinics of the Menoua Department; – 100 operators and volunteers from NGOs benefiting from grants; 20 students ( start-up). Indirect beneficiaries: – 660,000 inhabitants of the 6 Municipalities of the Menoua Department. CNR-ISB, partner of the Initiative, will be responsible for the supervision of COVID-19 epidemiological survey, the water analysis and it will carry out research project on the chemical and biological characterization of Cameroonian plants extracts to identify antimicrobials new products.

Deadline 18/10/2023

Category Agenzia Italiana Cooperazione Sviluppo (MAE)

Institute ISB – Institute for Biological Systems

Contact Giulia Cappelli

Role Coordinator