ECOSERVE – Training Masters in Ecosystem Services Management in Protected Areas

The main goal of ECOSERVE is to support higher education quality and capacity building of higher education institutions by strengthening the educational partnership between universities and non-academic partners in the field of ecosystem services in protected areas based on national and European standards with the account of regional characteristics.
The specific objectives of ECOSERVE are listed below:
1) To create dynamic model of interaction between HEI and other social partners in the field of ecosystem services in the protected areas;
2) To develop and implement an innovative MSc curriculum “Ecosystem Services in Protected areas”;
3) To strengthen partner university educational resources and academic staff teaching capacity based on an interdisciplinary approach to the problems of protected areas management;
4) To establish protected areas resource centres for regional and international networking support;
5) To ensure curriculum quality control and accreditation;
6) To ensure dissemination and exploitation of project outcomes;
7) To ensure effective and efficient project management and coordination to achieve the outcomes.

Deadline 30 November 2023

Programme Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education

Institute IBE – Institute of Bioeconomy

Contact Michele Salis



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