Industrial Doctorate

In 2017, CNR and Confindustria signed an agreement to promote and activate industrial research doctorates with the aim of creating training programmes for company employees already engaged in highly qualified activities and building specific study paths for orientation and the professional growth of young people. The collaboration between Confindustria and CNR, together with that of the Italian universities, is based on the development of three-year courses of the highest scientific profile, technological innovation and internationalization, in single or associated companies, to carry out industrial activities aimed at the production of goods or services, with the aim of contributing to the advanced training of young people through research. The main objective is favoring the creation of new jobs and increasing the innovative potential of the companies directly involved in the project. CNR researchers and technologists participate in industrial doctorates by offering support to the development of the various courses and interested companies can co-finance, together with the CNR, these doctoral courses. At the following link you can find the tables relating to the Industrial Doctorate initiatives, activated in the various cycles, which involve, inter alia, the DiSBA Institutes:

National Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence - Phd

The Ministry of University and Research (MUR) has set up a CNR Committee with the task of elaborating the Italian strategy in higher education in artificial intelligence in order to create a competitive system on a global scale capable of retaining in Italy our best graduates as well as attracting talents from other countries. The National Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence (, coordinated by the CNR and the University of Pisa, is divided into five courses, promoted throughout the country by groups of universities and public research bodies, each coordinated by a university leader: • Health and life sciences area, coordinated by the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome; • Agrifood and environment area, coordinated by the University of Naples Federico II; • Security and cybersecurity area, coordinated by Sapienza University of Rome; • Industry 4.0 area, coordinated by the Turin Polytechnic • Company area, coordinated by the University of Pisa.

The is coordinated by the National Coordination Council which promotes and integrates the common training activities between the different locations. The training offer for graduate students consists of a "horizontal" component, common among the five courses on the foundational aspects of AI, and a "vertical" component, relating to a chosen area of specialization. The first PhD cycle will be launched during the 2021/2022 academic year (XXXVII cycle). For more information: