The mission of the Department is to expand scientific both fundamental and applied knowledge, through the development of advanced biotechnological methodologies and bio-economic models also using artificial intelligence. That knowledge has the objective to develop a sustainable agrifood system, facilitate the ecological transition process, safeguard biodiversity and obtain quality food in the quantity necessary for a growing population.

Dissemination of scientific culture

EXPO Dubai

World Expo 2020 Dubai. The event has been postponed for a year and will begin on 1 October 2021 and, for the first time, will be held in a destination in the Middle East. For six months, until March 31, 2022, Dubai, the capital of the emirate of the same name, will host the Universal Exposition which takes place every 5 years in one of the most industrialized countries in the world. The theme of the Expo 2020 Dubai edition will be "Connecting Minds, Creating the Futureā€.

Museum of Science and Technology of Milan

The collaboration with the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan develops along the lines of training and the transfer of knowledge. The relationship between researchers, museum operators and disseminators in the exchange of experiences in the agri-food sector is the new frontier for communicating the role of science and technologies. 

The Agreement with FAO

The Convention between the Department and FAO arises from a traditional exchange and integration relationship of research on the comparison with the major issues that have emerged from the international debate and is connected to the internationalization activities that are central to the transfer of knowledge in the agri-food sector.