Sabato D'Auria


Sabato D'Auria

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Dr. Sabato D'Auria is a director of research at CNR (on-leave). He directed the Institute of Food Science (ISA-CNR) in Avellino (October 2014-Jannuary 2021), and at present, he is the director of the CNR Department of Biology, Agriculture and Food Science (CNR-DiSBA) in Rome where he coordinates the activities of 9 CNR Institutes located throughout Italy with more than 900 researchers, technologists and technical-administrative personnel.

Dr. D'Auria has been responsible for many national and international research projects and has authored more than 200 papers on peer-reviewed ISI-indexed international journals, and many book chapters. He is also the inventor of several national and international patents in the field of biosensors. Dr D'Auria has served the Italian Ministry of University and Research as a member of the Working Group "Creativity, Design, Made in Italy" for preparation of the National Research Program 2021-2027. He is a member of the panel of the National PhD Course in Artificial Intelligence, and Professor Associated to the INRS Centre - Institut Armand-Frappier, Laval, Quebec, Canada. Dr D'Auria serves on the editorial boards of international journals in the field of protein biochemistry, biosensors and sensing technologies for food safety and food quality. He acts on a regular basis as a reviewer of research proposals for the Italian Ministry of University and Research, the European Commission and main international research agencies. He has been invited as keynote speaker at national and international conferences and congresses, and he has contributed to the organization of many national and international conferences and symposia.


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