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Third Edition 2023
International Advanced School in Agricultural Meteorology
Agricultural Meteorology for Supporting Crop Production
Bratislava, Slovakia 11-15 December 2023

About the third edition
The Third Edition 2023 of the International Advanced School in Agricultural Meteorology is organized by the Italian Association of Agrometeorology (AIAM) in collaboration with the WMO Regional Training Center in Italy (WMO-RTC) run by the CNR Institute of BioEconomy (CNR-IBE) and it is dedicated to “AGRICULTURAL METEOROLOGY FOR SUPPORTING CROP PRODUCTION”

Crop production and natural resource management need innovative approaches to cope with climate challenges and geopolitical crises that increasingly threaten agriculture. Agrometeorology, through the development of new information, knowledge, and innovative tools can mainstream science into operational agriculture. The 2023 edition of the School, aims to provide young researchers and professionals with high-level innovative knowledge and skills on the most advanced technologies for the agrometeorological analysis and monitoring applied to a sustainable agricultural development under climate change.

Registration Opening: 1st of May 2023
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Dicembre 11 @ 8:00
Dicembre 15 @ 17:00
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