LIFE RESILIENCE – Prevention of X. fastidiosa in intensive olive & almond plantations applying productive green farming practices

LIFE RESILIENCE aims to develop through crossbreeding pathogen-resistant and productive olive genotypes along with innovate natural vector control methods that are effective in preventing the negative effects of XF. In this way, the project will lead to the production varieties of olive and olive oils with a range of organoleptic qualities, increasing their competitiveness on the market.

Specifically, the project will demonstrate sustainable practices for the intensive production of olive and almonds on 250 ha in Spain, Italy and Portugal. These practices will be shown to reduce water consumption, lower the carbon footprint, increase biodiversity and increase resistance to pests and pathogens, all without reducing yield. The outcome will be a model of climate change adaptation best practice that is replicable for production of olive, almond and other woody crops (e.g. citrus trees and grapevines). During the project the results will be replicated over ten times the pilot area (2 500 ha), facilitated through transnational collaboration with a range of stakeholders.

Deadline 30/06/2022

Programme LIFE +

Institute IBE – Institute of Bioeconomy



Role Partner

Area Intensificazione sostenibile delle produzioni agroalimentari e forestali