METROFOOD PP – Infrastructure for promoting metrology on food and nutrition

METROFOOD-RI is a new, distributed Research Infrastructure of Global Interest, by means of which it will be possible to carry out different activities supporting data collection and measurement reliability, as well as basic and frontier research in food and nutrition.
The general objective is to enhance scientific excellence in the field of food quality & safety by promoting metrology in food and nutrition, allowing coordination on a European and increasingly on a global scale.
METROFOOD-RI is aimed to strengthen scientific knowledge, promoting scientific cooperation and encouraging the interaction between the various stakeholders and the creation of a common and shared base of data, information and knowledge.

Deadline 31 May 2023

Programme HORIZON 2020 – CSA

Institute DISBA – Department of Biology, Agriculture and Food Sciences

Contact Andrea Scaloni

Role Partner


Area Difesa delle produzioni e sicurezza della catena agroalimentare