SheepToShip LIFE – Looking for an eco-sustainable sheep supply chain: environmental benefits and implications

SheepToShip LIFE seeks to contribute in a practical way to EU climate change objectives by helping to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from the sheep farming sector and dairy supply chain in Sardinia. The main objective of the project is to reduce by 20% in 10 years greenhouse gas emissions (nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide) from the Sardinian livestock sector and sheep industry, with an annual rate of reduction equal to about 3 500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.

Deadline 30/06/2021

Programme LIFE+

Institute IBE – Institute of Bioeconomy/ISPAAM – Institute for animal production in Mediterranean environment

Contact Pierpaolo Duce | Antonello Franca



Area Multifunzionalità delle produzioni agricole, zootecniche e del settore foresta-legno