ADVAGROMED ADVanced AGROecological approaches based on the integration of insect farming with local field practices in MEDiterranean countries

ADVAGROMED aims to develop a ?new?, innovative, holistic agricultural production
system based on agroecological principles and circular economy practices. ADVA-
GROMED introduces sustainable farming practices to increase the resilience of the
agro livelihood systems. Using a multi-actor approach, ADVAGROMED applies the
Circular Economy / zero waste principle developing a sustainable and innovative
farming system in the Mediterranean Area. ADVAGROMED uses by-products of local
agricultural productions for rearing insects (Hermetia illucens and Tenebrio Molitor),
which deliver different products: 1) insect frass to be used as fertilizer to improve
farm soil quality, enhance plant health and soil microbial biodiversity, and deliver an
antimicrobial effect (decreasing the use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides), and 2)
live larvae to feed local poultry breeds ensuring good animal performances, health and product quality, decreasing the use of imported feeds. Biodiversity is promoted at
various levels, i.e. at the farm level, by using the genetic variability of local crops and
varieties/animal breeds, but also at a regional level by minimizing the negative impact
of synthetic pesticides on the microfauna through the exploitation of insect frass as
biopesticide and plant immune modulator. This innovative farming system aims to be
adopted by small farms, generating additional income for farmers across the Mediterranean

Deadline 2025


Institute ISPA – Institute of Sciences of Food Production

Contact Francesco Gai