Computation driven development of novel in vivo-like-DNA-nanotransducers for biomolecules structure identification (isenseDNA)

The link between the structural change of a molecule and its function is of fundamental importance since it provides direct insight on mechanism of complex biological processes. Recent years have witnessed noticeable advances of analysis of complex molecular conformations, however the understanding of their conformational dynamics remain a formidable challenge and revolutionary advances are still demanded the analysis of chemical composition and structure of biomolecules. Molecular machines, such as the DNA itself, which work at the core of many cellular activities, is able to DNA modify its conformation and to transduce the signal upon binding to specific proteins. In this project, we will develop a DNA-nanotrasducer for real-time detection of conformational changes and the analysis of molecular dynamics as it occurs in-vivo biological processes. The research efforts will provide a foundation for a next generation of DNA-nanotransducers to be used for high-throughput functional molecular structure.

Deadline 30/09/2026


Institute Institute of Biosciences and BioResources (IBBR-UOS- Naples)

Contact Anna Valenti

Role Responsible of CNR Research Unit