FirEUrisk – Dissecting risk to prevent extreme wildfires

Wildfires represent a significant challenge for both society and the economy. The EU-funded FirEUrisk project will develop, assess, and promote a science-based integrated strategy to improve existing wildland fire risk assessment, create efficient methods to reduce fire risk and adapt management strategies for future climate and socioeconomic changes. The project will connect researchers, stakeholders, and citizens, combining innovative techniques, and policy recommendations to improve existing systems and methods on a regional and EU level. A risk-centred management strategy integrating wildfire prevention, suppression, and restoration practices and policies and implementing an operational platform of coordination, professional training, and exercises will address mega-fires, the wildland urban interface, and the fire challenges in Northern Europe.

Deadline 31 March 2025

Programme HORIZON 2020  – RIA

Contact PIERPAolo Duce

Institute IBE – Institute of Bioeconomy

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Area Ottimizzazione dell’uso delle risorse naturali negli ecosistemi agricoli e forestali