HOLiFOOD Holistic approach for tackling food systems risks in a changing global environment

The overall objective of HOLiFOOD is to improve the integrated food safety risk analysis (RA) framework in Europe to i) meet future challenges arising from Green Deal policy driven transitions in particular in relation to climate driven changes, ii) contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and iii) support the realization of a truly secure and sustainable food production. HOLiFOOD will apply a system approach, which take the whole environment into account in which food is being produced, including economic, environmental and social aspects. Three supply chains will be considered (i.e. cereals [maize], legumes [lentils] and poultry [chicken]). Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data technologies will be used in the development of early warning and emerging risks prediction systems for known and unknown food safety hazards. In addition, tools, methods and approaches will be developed for hazard detection and will be targeted and non-targeted and new holistic risk assessment methods will be develop in which food safety risk will be embedded in a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of the food system including positive and negative health, environment and economic dimensions. An effective impact pathway will be developed and implemented through integration of the HOLiFOOD outputs into the legal framework associated with the food risk analysis process. The impact pathway will be supported by an electronic data and knowledge sharing platform aiming at the full digitalization of food (safety) systems and supporting transparency and impact for all stakeholders. In order to align with stakeholder priorities, preferences and user requirements, the HOLiFOOD innovations will be designed and tested in a multi actor approach (i.e. Living Lab) involving all stakeholders (e.g., authorities, food producers and citizens).

Deadline 30/09/2026


Institute ISPA – Institute of Sciences of Food Production

Contact Antonio F. Logrieco antonio.logrieco@ispa.cnr.it

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