MAMMAL – Minimally-modified AMino Microbiota heALth

The MAMMAL project aims to improve infant formula by determining the impact of food processing on the generation of specific proteins included in the product which in turn promote a healthy gut microbiome.
MAMMAL will involve development of a platform using Machine Learning algorithms to process data from this research. This will enable us to connect food processing with the generation of different specific modified proteins and determine the effects these have on infants? gut microbiota.
Companies which product infant formula will be able to use this platform to determine the most beneficial proteins to include, helping them to develop formula which promotes a healthy gut microbiome. The platform will also provide guidance on food processing and develop new targeted protein formulations which could be used within infant formula.

Deadline JUNE 2023

Programme EIT-FOOD

Institute IBBA – Institute of agricultural biology and biotechnology

Carlotta De Filippo | Antonio Dario Troise

ROLE Coordinator


Area Nuove frontiere dell?Alimentazione