Roots2Resilience: Root phenotyping and genetic improvement for rotational crops resilient to environmental change

Deliver new knowledge, tools and insight to breeders and scientists facilitating
greater consideration of root and rhizosphere traits and their interaction in breeding
programs and in all breeding related activities. In addition, practical
recommendations for breeders and farmers will be delivered to increase
resilience (abiotic stress tolerance) and adaptation (reduced inputs and resource use
efficiency) in the scope of climate change adaptation and mitigation. Focus will be
placed on resilience to water stress (fluctuations along the gradient of drought to
waterlogging) and on the ability of root soil interactions to deliver climate change
mitigation (C sequestration and reduced greenhouse gas emissions). The proposal
will focus on phenotyping root and rhizosphere traits and discovering genes and
markers associated with resilience in crop species which are common (Cereals
[barley], Potato, Legumes) in rotational systems across Europe and extend this to
alternative crops (e.g., sweet potato) which have the potential to become more
important in European rotational systems in coming years.

Deadline  31/08/2027


Institute IPSP – Institute for sustainable plant protection

Contact Raffaella Maria Balestrini

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