TECH4EFFECT – Techniques and Technologies for Effective Wood Procurement

The project focuses on increasing access to wood resources through more efficient silviculture and a better understanding of the business models governing the procurement of forest operations services. The project further considers increasing efficiency in forest harvesting and collection, and the reduction of soil impact from forest operations, and puts forward ways of making this a measurable and integrated part of operational efficiency. TECH4EFFECT offers the potential to revolutionize forest operations with a state-of-the-art knowledge-based efficiency development system, providing easily accessible decision support exploiting the large amount of data available in modern industrial forest management. The ambition of TECH4EFFECT is to implement such as management tool, enhanced through 4 years of intensive R&D in close cooperation with the end-users of the Efficiency Portal in 5 participating countries. It is the project’s hope that implementation will result in such obvious benefits amongst the industrial partners that its application will become widespread within the European forest sector.

Deadline 30 June 2021

Category HORIZON 2020 BBI-RIA – Bio-based Industries Research and Innovation action

Institute IBE – Institute of Bioeconomy

Author Raffaele Spinelli

Role Partner


Area Progettuale Intensificazione sostenibile delle produzioni agroalimentari e forestali

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