PROMPT New generation of porphyrinoids for mitochondria-targeted photodynamic therapy

PROMPT proposes to develop a new class of porphyrinoids which pool a specific functionality for targeting mitochondria in cancer cells with high one- and two-photon photoinduced cytotoxic activity for effective PDT treatment.In case of a limited mitochondria accumulation for some of the prepared porphyrinoids, unilamellar liposomes
formulated with different ratios of a cationic TPP-Bolalipid and natural phospholipids will be prepared.

Deadline 31 March 2021

Category HORIZON 2020 – MARIE SK£ODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONS Individual Fellowship (IF)-2017

Institute ISB – Institute for Biological Systems

Author Cecilia Bombelli

Role Responsible of the second hosting Institution


Area Molecular and cellular basis of life of organisms

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