Investigating the diversity of mycorrhizal fungi to understand the evolution and function of symbiosis with orchids.

Mycorrhizal fungi usually transfer nitrogen and phosphorus to plants, and receive carbohydrates. However, the orchid mycorrhizal symbiosis is unique because the mycorrhizal fungi transfer carbon to the plant, at least during early developmental stages. All orchids are dependent on fungi for seed germination and form mycorrhizae with basidiomycete fungi. Studying orchid mycorrhizal fungi will reveal fundamental insights into microbial mutualisms and the role of fungi in carbon and nitrogen cycling. In addition, the initial mycotrophic life stage of orchids is an ecologically important topic given the diversity of orchids.

Deadline 2020/2021

Programme JGI Community Science Program (CSP)

Institute IPSP – Institute for sustainable plant protection

Contact Raffaella Maria Balestrini



Area Ottimizzazione dell’uso delle risorse naturali negli ecosistemi agricoli e forestali

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